Assistant Editor, The Hindu Business Line; formerly with Business Standard, Mint & IDSA. Writes on geopolitics, Middle East and Indian foreign policy

Opening the gates of hell in Yemen

Recent history tells us that external interventions can be disastrous. A political, and not military, solution is called for

The Hindu Business Line / April 2015

Greece’s date with reality

Will exiting the Eurozone free the Greeks from their economic and human nightmare?

The Hindu Business Line / March 2015

From crisis to ISIS

The veteran journalist Patrick Cockburn’s latest book traces the history of the Islamic State and identifies the reasons for the rise of this Sunni terrorist group.

Frontline / April 2015

Narendra Modi’s China challenge

US President Barack Obama’s recent visit to India has triggered a fresh debate on the old question: Will India join hands with the United States to contain China’s rise?

Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy / February 2015

Let’s not try to justify jihadi acts

Radical Islamism, unlike Shiism in Iran or Palestine’s Hamas, does not pursue political goals. It targets all ‘enemies’

The Hindu Business Line / January 2015

Changing China

An overwhelming focus on the state and the CPC is both the strength and the weakness of the book. The author explains clearly the ideology and rationale behind China’s economic transformation

Frontline / December 2014

Inventing an enemy

The book argues that global jehad is a “myth” used by the U.S. “military-industrial-congressional complex” which wants wars for its survival.

Frontline / November 2014

Testing diplomacy

A key to understanding the challenges India and the United States face in upgrading their bilateral ties.

Frontline / October 2014

Syria in a cul de sac

With the civil war in Syria entering its fifth year this month, a UNDP-backed report by the Syrian Centre for Policy Research says the war has plunged 80 per cent of the country’s people into poverty

The Hindu Business Line / March 2015

The geopolitics of cheap oil

Saudi Arabia and US have engineered a glut to squeeze rivals, Russia and Iran. But after that, can OPEC bounce back?

The Hindu Business Line / October 2014

India and the art of riding two boats

It should play hard to get, as China and US seek to dominate the Asian stage. Both need India’s support

The Hindu Business Line / September 2014

Home run for Havana

The deal reached between the US and Cuba last week to restore diplomatic relations is a remarkable one in many ways.

The Hindu Business Line / December 2014

The mess in Mesopotamia

The US’ single-minded intent to remove Bashar al-Assad culminated in the rise of the ISIS. Air strikes may not help now

The Hindu Business Line / August 2014

Which Side Are You On?

Ever since Israel started bombing Gaza on July 7, Israeli propaganda mills, with support from the Western media, are working overtime to justify the attack.

CounterPunch / July 2014

For the mess in Iraq, blame the US

By invading Iraq in 2003 and dabbling in its fractious polity all these years, the US has turned it into a basket case

The Hindu Business Line / June 2014

Putin’s pivot to the East

The West will be wary of the new-found love between Russia and China. Clearly, it’s not all gas

The Hindu Business Line / May 2014

Modi’s foreign policy challenge

If India is to play a meaningful role as the Asian century unfolds, it needs to rethink its unipolar strategy

The Hindu Business Line / June 2014

The Russians have arrived

We’re seeing an ambitious Moscow, a petulant West, sanctions, arms race — in short, the return of the Cold War

The Hindu Business Line / March 2014

Russia’s revenge

The confidence with which Russian President Vladimir Putin took full control of a part of another nation must have taken many by surprise.

The Hindu Business Line / March 2014

Permanent crisis in West Asia

Today's Iraq is as violent and sectarian as it had ever been under Saddam Hussein, the dictator overthrown by the American invasion over a decade ago.

VIKALP / January 2014

Get Iran on board again

India had erred in siding openly with the US in its spat against Iran. Now, it should make amends.

The Hindu Business Line / November 2013

The Geopolitical Syrian Puzzle

Saddam Hussein called the first Iraq war the “mother of all battles”. Wait a minute before you blame me for quoting a dead “despised dictator”.

CounterPunch / September 2013

Why Syria

Those who witnessed the White House-led propaganda against Iraq in the run-up to the 2003 American war on that country cannot miss the startling similarities between those days and the past few ones.

CounterPunch / August 2013

The Obama plan for Syria

US President Barack Obama’s decision to step up America’s involvement in the Syrian war has come hardly as a surprise.

NewsClick / July 2013

A Decade of Wars, Crises and Rises

he beginning of sweeping changes of the decade started on September 11, 2001, when the World Trade Centre, the tall symbols of America’s economic might, was attacked by a few terrorists. The attack became a reference point of the decade,

Global Research / January 2010

The Syrian Conundrum

Bashar’s attempts to emulate his father by suppressing the protests by force have so far been counter-productive.

IDSA Strategic Comment / February 2012

The Unending Iranian Nuclear Crisis

If anybody thought that a change of talk in the Bush administration’s Iran policy would be enough to induce the “isolated” Tehran to give up its intransigence and toe the western line, the July 19 meeting proved him or her wrong.

IDSA / July 2008

Why India should continue engaging Iran?

Both the summit and its host have historically been important for India. Keeping up with that importance, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh embarked on a four-day trip to Iran on Tuesday to attend the 16th summit of the 120-member NAM

PRAGOTI / September 2012

The West's sanction for global war

The George Bush administration's inflexibility on Iran was "bombastic diplomacy" that "wasted energy and hardened the lines"

Business Standard / July 2013

Heading due South

The BRICS formation has several limitations, the biggest of which is this neoliberalism with Southern characteristics "with sales of commodities and low wages to workers accompanying a recycled surplus turned over as credit to the North"

Business Standard / June 2013

The fountainhead in Af-Pak

In September 2011, the outgoing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Mike Mullen, told the US Senate that the Haqqani network "acts as a veritable arm" of the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Pakistan's powerful intelligence agency.

Business Standard / May 2013

Deconstructing the Libyan war

Is the war in Libya over? The dictator is long dead. The foreign invaders claimed victory months ago. There was an election that liberal internationalists praised upon and a new government is now in place in Tripoli. All point toward the claim that everyt

PRAGOTI / September 2012

Waiting for a deluge

With the US-led international troops set to leave Afghanistan in 2014, the country is once again at the crossroads in its search for peace and stability.

Business Standard / January 2013

Sri Lanka’s Unfinished War

Karu was a grocery shopkeeper in Puthukkudiyiruppu when Sri Lanka’s 26-year-long civil war was nearing its end. Like tens of thousands of Tamil civilians in the island nation’s north and northeast, Karu and his pregnant wife, Gowri, were caught up in the

Colombo Telegraph / February 2013

The immobilised nation

Is Pakistan a failed state? The Economist calls Pakistan the "world's most dangerous place", while the Foreign Policy magazine's Failed States Index for 2012 places it among the 20 worst states.

Business Standard / March 2013

When the battle's lost and won

Will the Afghan government survive? With international troops in Afghanistan set to pull out in 2014, this question is becoming louder day by day.

Business Standard / October 2012

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