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Keeping high spirits

Local ingredients make up the flavour profile of Malaysian cocktails, shares mixologist David Nathan in an interview with me.

Deccan Herald / June 2019 / Food

Cultivating Reading Habits

Nammoora Granthalaya in Koppal district is a collaborative initiative to make reading a joyful activity for the young and the old

Deccan Herald / February 2019 / Non Profits & Social Causes

A plus point

A brief profile of Bengaluru-based Big Fat Company, a theatre production team that seeks to promote inclusivity and body positivity in the theatre space for plus size actors.

www.indiablooms.com / January 2019 / Profiles

Restoring a sacred past

Takes a look at how Jain temples are being restored one at a time by a heritage enthusiast, Nithin H P

Deccan Herald / December 2018 / Culture

Handcrafted and eco-friendly

On Channapatna toys and how a few organisations and individuals are helping sustain its growth.

Deccan Herald / December 2018 / Culture

Oh, the possibili'tea'!

Why conform tea to a cup? When added to food, tea and its various forms enhance the flavours.

Deccan Herald / November 2018 / Food

What’s cooking online?

How posting food videos online is helping little-known dishes become more known.

Deccan Herald / November 2018 / Food

Ambassadors of change

A short feature on how the Children Rights Clubs, started by the non-profit BREADS, across the Karnataka government schools makes children aware on the rights they have and what steps they can take to ensure that these are safeguarded.

Deccan Herald / November 2018 / Non Profits & Social Causes

Of, by and for children

Hasiru Sanghas equips children with training in child rights, communication and decision-making to enable them to advocate on their rights and entitlements.

Deccan Herald / November 2018 / Non Profits & Social Causes

Food in every molecule

An interview with Martin Lippo, a chef who specialises in making dishes using liquid nitrogen

Deccan Herald / August 2018 / Food

All the space you want...

A look into the the revamped Space Technology gallery at the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum in Bengaluru

Deccan Herald / July 2018 / Culture

The meaning of everything

As The Oxford English Dictionary completes 90 years, I interact with its editors to understand its evolution, the process of documenting words and the initiatives to make it more inclusive

Deccan Herald / July 2018 / Culture

For economic empowerment

The efforts of Initiatives for Development Foundation, which has been working towards the financial inclusion of rural communities in the State.

Deccan Herald / June 2018 / Non Profits & Social Causes

A green trash bag

A brief article on greenBUG, a Bangalore-based company that offers eco-friendly dustbin liners.

Deccan Herald / June 2018 / Non Profits & Social Causes

The Spirit of Adventure

I take a look at the trend of rock climbing in Karnataka and how it offers adventure enthusiasts a different perspective of tourist places.

Deccan Herald / May 2018 / Travel

Of Response and resilience

On how Yuva Sanchalana, an NGO based in Doddaballapura near Bengaluru helps rural students overcome exam-related anxieties through cycle rallies.

Deccan Herald / April 2018 / Non Profits & Social Causes

Engineers light up the stage

For World Theatre Day, I spoke to Abhiyanthararu, an amateur theatre group based in Mysuru, Karnataka

Deccan Herald / March 2018 / Culture

Lending a helping hand

A look at the work done by the Braille Transcription Centre, a unit of Mathruchhaya of Canara Bank Relief and Welfare Society, that was started to help visually challenged students with their studies by producing books in braille

Deccan Herald / March 2018 / Non Profits & Social Causes

Femme fatales in the kitchen

Who said there is a man behind every restaurant meal? I speak to five female chefs who have proven otherwise

Deccan Herald / March 2018 / Food

When food heals...

The food onyour plate is notjust a conversation starter, butasource of well-being. The article sheds light on food as medicine

Deccan Herald / February 2018 / Food

A toast to good health

Looking into the health benefits of kombucha, a fermented tea drink, and how one can make them at home.

Deccan Herald / January 2018 / Food

Celebrating winter harvest

A short write-up on Yellu Amavasya, a festival celebrated by the farming community in many parts of Karnataka.

Deccan Herald / December 2017 / Culture

Fostering a better learning environment

A feature on a project that RV Educational Consortium (RVCE) works with Tech Mahindra Foundation to provide quality support to teachers in low-income schools across Bengaluru.

Deccan Herald / August 2017 / Non Profits & Social Causes

Fusion food gets local

Tapping into India’s rich cooking traditions and local ingredients for the best fusion food is key say experts as they tell me more about what makes modern Indian food tick

Deccan Herald / July 2017 / Food

Stringing stories together

A few initiatives in the Karnataka are working towards preserving the art of puppetry. I take a look at how PuppeTree, a Bengaluru-based venture, is taking this traditional art form closer to people

Deccan Herald / July 2017 / Culture

True blue foodies

TV's dynamic duo Rocky & Mayur talk about eating their way across India and curating lesser-known cuisines.

Deccan Herald / June 2017 / Food

Holistic approach to health

Talking to a few organisations in Karnataka that are taking yoga to the underprivileged ahead of International Yoga Day

Deccan Herald / June 2017 / Non Profits & Social Causes

Make-up for beginners

Covering the essentials of makeup with Sonic Sarwate, global senior artist at MAC

Deccan Herald / June 2017 / Fashion

The key to eating well

An interview with Rajeev Bhadani, executive chef of Zzungry, a food delivery service

Deccan Herald / May 2017 / Food

Connecting with sports

Aata Odanaata, an organisation based in Bengaluru, supports disadvantaged children to develop their sporting talents by providing necessary equipment and coaching.

Deccan Herald / May 2017 / Non Profits & Social Causes

Bonding over stories

About Kagakka Gubakka, a Bengaluru-based initiative that acts as a platform to share old-time stories

Deccan Herald / May 2017 / Culture

A bowl of goodness

A bowl-based meal makes for the perfect dish, both in terms of taste and nutrition. Decoding the trend in a conversation with experts

Deccan Herald / April 2017 / Food

Beacons of light...

An overview of Pehchan and Khvaab Project, two initiatives started by two groups of Teach For India fellows

Deccan Herald / March 2017 / Non Profits & Social Causes

Nudging out of poverty

The Nudge foundation in Bengaluru equips youngsters with essential skills to lead a better life

Deccan Herald / February 2017 / Non Profits & Social Causes

Greener gifting options

An overview of Davanagere-based Enviro Friend, a company that helps people gift plants.

Deccan Herald / December 2016 / Profiles

Back in the game!

On the traditional games made by the Bengaluru-based store, Kavade

Deccan Herald / November 2016 / Culture

Healing through yoga

A brief article on Prafull Oorja Charitable Foundation's activities that include yoga

Deccan Herald / November 2016 / Non Profits & Social Causes

Loaded in nutrition

The nutritional value of Macadamia nuts

Deccan Herald / October 2016 / Health

A step closer to nature

The Institute for Cultural Research and Action in Bengaluru is working with farmers in rainfed regions of the State to promote indigenous farming practices

Deccan Herald / September 2016 / Non Profits & Social Causes

Being square in a green way

Developed in 1970s, the square foot gardening method is fast becoming popular in the city. I talk to enthusiasts who are looking to spread this trend among more homeowners.

Deccan Herald / July 2016 / Decor & Interiors

'Choosing a certain way of life...'

Adorning natural fabrics says that you are willing to make the extra effort in your own way to preserve the world, says Preeti Verma in a chat

Deccan Herald / July 2016 / Fashion

Speaking of earth and sustainability

Architect Chitra Vishwanath tells me about the importance of designing earth-based structures for long-term ecological benefits

Deccan Herald / April 2016 / Architecture

Healing the trauma

Vidyaranya is a civil society organisation that helps trafficked women and girls recuperate and get back to leading a normal life.

Deccan Herald / April 2016 / Non Profits & Social Causes

Ode to memories

The vibrant office of Paper Boat, the popular drink brand, makes one believe that not all workplaces need to be dull and boring. Even a charming bungalow in the City can be your office, if you design it right.

Deccan Herald / April 2016 / Decor & Interiors

More about form, less function

Clocks are no more just time-displaying devices. Over the years, they have evolved into stylish decor statements that hold the promise to transform any space

Deccan Herald / March 2016 / Decor & Interiors

Of curating finesse

Interview with Irena Murray, architectural curator

Deccan Herald / March 2016 / Architecture

This locality sure holds promise

Despite the many problems that plague Mahadevapura, this area has a lot of potential for overall growth, thanks to its location and demographics.

Deccan Herald / February 2016 / Realty

To chase ideas & push boundaries

Profile of Susmita Mohanty, an aerospace entrepreneur, who wants to see more women get the spotlight they deserve.

Deccan Herald / February 2016 / Profiles

Still single, are you?

A girl can’t stay single for too long in our country. And if she does, people assume there must be something wrong with her. But being single isn’t such a bad thing...

Deccan Herald / February 2016 / Lifestyle

A scar that runs deep

An interview with Madurai-based Dr Kalyani Gomathinayagam, a doctor who provided medical care and attention to those affected by the Ebola Virus in the West African nations of Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone.

Deccan Herald / January 2016 / Health

Erasing Stigma via dialogue

An overview of Enfold Proactive Health Trust, an NGO who creates/ opens up a conversation on child sexual abuse among children and adults.

Deccan Herald / December 2015 / Non Profits & Social Causes

'Pre-loved' is good

About the second hand clothing industry and the gorwing trend of selling it online

Deccan Herald / December 2015 / Fashion

The joy of giving

The Inner Wheel Club Bengaluru IT Corridor aims to transform classrooms into fun, inviting places along with empowering women with benevolent programmes.

Deccan Herald / November 2015 / Non Profits & Social Causes

A bit of old and new Bengaluru

Taking a look at the real estate development in one of Bengaluru's localities, Sanjay Nagar

Deccan Herald / October 2015 / Realty

Wheels of revolution

About Hudali, where Gandhi is said to have stayed for a period of time and inspired many of its residents to use Khadi.

Deccan Herald / October 2015 / Culture

The promise of a good experience

CV Raman Nagar has everything that a home seeker could wish for, right from excellent connectivity to good entertainment options. Constantly evolving, the area’s realty prospects are only going to get better.

Deccan Herald / August 2015 / Realty

For all those 'awkward' conversations

Talking about puberty and sexual abuse with your kids is never easy. But it has to be done. Deepa Kumar’s online portal attempts to make the task less uncomfortable

Deccan Herald / August 2015 / Profiles

Not a stepping stone...

Can a boy and a girl ever be ‘just friends’? That is, without the assumption of some misconstrued romance or hopes of evolving into one?

Deccan Herald / August 2015 / Lifestyle

North is where you should head

There was a time, perhaps, when investing in an area like Devanahalli was considered foolish and not worth it. Fast forward to today, Devanahalli has become investment-heavy and is developing quite rapidly.

Deccan Herald / July 2015 / Realty

A Healthy Christmas Feast

Having a healthy feast during Christmas

IJ 13/14 MicroMag (Magazine Pathway) / December 2013 / Food / [Pdf , 1 MB]

Reverberation Of Assam Violence

Looking into the violence in Assam and how the NE states are perceived in the rest of India

youthkiawaaz.com / August 2012 / Current Affairs

How Safe Are Our Women?

A in-depth look into the safety of women.

youthkiawaaz.com / August 2012 / Current Affairs

7 questions with Zaman Ahmed

The winner in the ‘Best Restaurant-South East Wales’ at the first ever Asian Food Awards 2013 at Cardiff’s City Hall; Mowgli’s is tasting success in a short span of time. Written for our class magazine, Life360

Life360, http://jomec.co.uk/life360-2014/ / February 2014 / Profiles

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